Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office to fulfill our public trust by delivering our services in a professional manner with a service-oriented attitude.

We will be honest in our dealings with the public and among ourselves in both word and actions. We will be accessible to those we serve and accountable for our actions.

We will be dedicated to the principals of our profession and the values by which we define ourselves.

Values of the Shelby County Sheriff Office Employees

Honesty – Honesty is the keystone to our values system. To enable us to gain the trust and support of the communities we serve we must be truthful and honest in all our dealings with those we meet.

Professional – We will look and act professionally at all times.  Our appearance will reflect pride and confidence in our uniform and profession.  We will pursue training and education over and above that required by law to insure competence in performing our tasks.  Our attitude and conduct will reflect the helping, service oriented profession we are.

Dedicated – We shall be committed to the principals of our profession as set forth in our mission, core values, and the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics.

Accountable – We shall be individually and collectively responsible to the citizens of Shelby County. We are committed to managing the court system, process service, tax collection, prisoner transportation, and law enforcement functions in an efficient and accountable manner.  We will demonstrate this further by pursuing our goal of becoming and maintaining the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office as an accredited agency.  We welcome the audit process and will cooperate fully with any duly authorized auditing function.

Accessible – We shall be approachable and responsive.  We recognize our unique position in the community as representatives of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office and that many citizens will recognize us as such even when not on duty.  We will be approachable and responsive to citizens as representatives of the department even when officially off-duty.

Service Oriented – We recognize that our role includes, but is not limited to, law enforcement.  We further recognize that we are part of our community, and therefore encourage all employees to engage in positive community functions in both their personal and professional lives.  We recognize that trust building is one of our most important roles and that participating with citizens and citizen groups in one way to help build that trust.

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Drug Abuse Resistance Education


Audrey Armstrong has been teaching DARE now for 19 years.  Mrs. Armstrong focuses on the 5th grade course with programs at Heritage, Wright, Southside, Painted Stone, Simpsonville Elementary Schools.  Mrs Armstrong was nominated and won State DARE instructor of the year in 2003.

Ray White is our 7th grade instructor for East and West Middle.  He has been involved with DARE for 21 years.  He has served in office of the Kentucky DARE Association as Treasurer, Vice President and President. Mr. White was also chosen as DARE instructor of the year.

For more information on the DARE Program click on the DARE logo.
School Resource Officers

Shelby County Sheriff's Office along with Shelby County Board of Education provide two full time Deputies that function as School Resource Officers. With focus on Safety and Education. It allows students to associate with Law Enforcement Personal that act as liaison between the Schools and Sheriff's Office.

Ray White assigned to Collins High School

Gena Johnson assigned to Shelby County H.S.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch counts on citizens to organize themselves and work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities.  If you would like more information or to meet with a Deputy in regards to starting and Neighborhood Watch Program contact the Sheriff's Office at    502-633-4324.
Kentucky State Drug Task Force

Shelby County Sheriff's Office is a participating member of the Kentucky State Drug Task Force.  We have assigned a Detective to work with the task for in order to assist with the suppression of illegal drugs and related crimes.